One protocol
Four layers

The Minima protocol consists of four distinct layers

Minima -> Maxima -> Omnia -> Web3 MiniDapps.


Value transfer on-chain

Layer 1: Minima is the blockchain layer for value transfer. All transactions are processed by all nodes on the network. It is flood-fill. It uses a P2P system as its backbone for communication between nodes.

Minima Protocol Minima Layer


Information transfer off-chain

Maxima is the information transport layer running over the Minima network. Communication is point-to-point. Messages can be sent, off-chain, to chosen connected peers.

Minima Protocol Maxima Layer


Value transfer off-chain

Layer 2: Omnia is fast, affordable and scalable. It enables instant peer-to-peer transactions by creating bi-directional payment channels between participants, using technology similar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Omnia layer


Web3 applications

Layer 3: MiniDapps are truly decentralized applications built using the functionality enabled by the Minima network:

1. Value transfer on Minima
2.Information transfer on Maxima
3.Unlimited transactions per second on Omnia

Minima Protocol MiniDapps Layer
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Minima token distribution

The total supply of Minima coins is fixed at 1 billion coins and is pre-allocated. As there are no dedicated miners, there is no method for distributing coins after Mainnet launch.

Public 51%
Private 49%
Public sale
Node running incentives
Developer incentives
Team and advisors
Seed round
Private round 1
Private round 2

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