March 19, 2024

Minima thrilled to announce it is a member of Gaia-X

Minima thrilled to announce it is a member of Gaia-X

Date: 19th March 2024, London - Minima, a layer1 blockchain focused on Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) solutions, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Gaia-X, Europe's framework for secure and sovereign digital data infrastructure. This partnership heralds a new era of digital sovereignty, where Minima's innovative technology meets Gaia-X's vision for a federated, transparent, and secure data ecosystem across Europe. 

Empowering True Decentralization and Digital Sovereignty

Minima's groundbreaking approach ensures that every node can run in full on any device, a cornerstone for true digital sovereignty and decentralisation. This unique capability enables users not just to participate in the network, but to actively contribute to its security, resilience, and independence, aligning perfectly with Gaia-X's mission to foster a self-reliant digital ecosystem in Europe.

Minima empowers users to generate tokens directly on any device, ensuring the ultimate flexibility and sovereignty over their digital assets. This capability, combined with unparalleled data attestation at the source, guarantees data integrity and user control, aligning perfectly with Gaia-X's objectives for secure data exchange and sovereignty. 

Furthermore, Minima introduces Maxima, a next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) communications network that provides secure, decentralized messaging and data transfer. The integration of Maxima on top of Minima significantly enhances the ecosystem's security, offering a comprehensive solution for secure communications and transactions. Together, these innovations form a robust foundation for a trustworthy digital infrastructure, in perfect harmony with Gaia-X's goals.

A Vision for the Future of Data

"Our collaboration with Gaia-X is a significant step towards realising our vision of a truly decentralised world, where users have unequivocal sovereignty over their digital identities, assets, and data," said Hugo Feiler, CEO at Minima. "By combining our strengths, we are setting new standards for digital sovereignty, security, and interoperability, paving the way for a future where users are in complete control of their digital footprint."

About Minima

Minima, the real-world blockchain, is a layer1 focused on everyday solutions through device-led infrastructure. 

A unique Layer 1 blockchain, distinguished by its lightweight architecture that enables a full (constructing and validating) node to run on any mobile or IoT device, making it exceptionally adaptable for scaling decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePIN). Minima's technology is now supported by an expansive and engaged community of over 100,000+ node operators. Minima’s extensive network, one of the largest in the DePIN space, showcases its commitment to empowering users and developers to innovate and secure digital solutions in a decentralised world.

The blockchain is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network. Learn more at

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About GaiaX

GaiaX is a leading initiative aimed at creating a secure, federated system for data and cloud services across Europe, embodying transparency, openness, and compliance with European values and regulations. It represents a new era in data infrastructure, ensuring freedom of data movement within a secure and sovereign ecosystem.

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