The only blockchain compact enough to run in full in vehicles

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Connected mobility

Minima delivers a way for vehicles and roadside infrastructure to communicate and exchange value P2P.

Use cases

Real-world utility successfully tested in partnership with MobilityXlab.

Real-time messaging

Secure V2V messages without intermediaries

End-to-end security

Safeguard sensitive information transfer with protection


Provide access control and V2X service attestation

Vehicle data

Securely exchange location data and vehicle dynamic data

Automated payments

Enable cars to become autonomous economic agents

EV Charging

Allow payments to be made both online and offline

Fungible tokens

Easily create branded tokens for value transfer and incentives

Road safety

Pass traffic information securely between cars in real time

Vehicle to vehicle

Facilitate secure peer to peer communication between vehicles.

Vehicle to everything

Enable data exchange and usage-based insurance.

Roadside units

Minima nodes installed in roadside units can exchange vehicle data to manage infrastructure better.

Digital service book

Facilitate data exchange-based insurance. Streamline litigaton settlement.

Automated payments

Send funds directly from a cars wallet to the charging station automatically.


Store biometric data on a mobile to enable physical access control of a vehicle.

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