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EV charging

July 2023

Minima enables tokens to be generated and transferred over the peer-to-peer network allowing secure access to public and private charging points to ease congestion. The car user benefits from a choice of energy providers and gives private charge point owners the ability to earn income.


July 2023

Minima facilitates data from sensors to be certified and validated, providing digital records and immutable data provenance, bringing value to racing teams and fans. Secure, rapid transfer of information from cars enhances communication and increases safety.

Proof of concepts successfully tested with

Secure real-time V2V messages without intermediaries

Sensitive information transfer with end-to-end security

Provided access control and V2X service attestation via NFTs

Securely exchanged vehicle location and dynamic data

Automated payment made directly from a vehicle

EV charging payments made both online and offline

Created branded fungible tokens for value transfer

Shared traffic information securely between cars in real time


What else is possible with Minima?

Vehicle to vehicle

Facilitate secure peer to peer communication between vehicles.


Facilitate secure peer to peer communication between vehicles.

Digital service book

Data exchange related usage-based insurance streamlined litigation settlement.

Automated payments

Automate payments directly from the wallet on the car to the charging station.


NFT of biometric data stored on a mobile, giving physical access to control the vehicle.

Minima enterprise

IoT applications

Download a Minima node on your device

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