February 19, 2024

Minima, a DePIN focused layer1 blockchain, is joining forces with Wi-Fi network Wicrypt to democratise Internet access

Minima, a DePIN focused layer1 blockchain, is joining forces with Wi-Fi network Wicrypt to democratise Internet access

19 February 2024, London - Minima, a layer1 blockchain focused on Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) solutions, is partnering with Wicrypt, a smart Wi-Fi network, to democratise and make internet access cheaper for everyone. 

Wicrypt allows users to make money by sharing their Wi-Fi hotspot, where they can earn $WNT tokens through selling data and facilitating connections.

‘’By integrating Minima’s fully decentralised blockchain infrastructure with Wicrypt's innovative Wi-Fi network, we're reshaping how digital services are delivered and consumed. This collaboration will make Internet access more accessible, affordable, and secure for everyone as it will decentralise the infrastructure required to provide internet connectivity. This distributed approach reduces the reliance on centralised infrastructure, leading to lower costs for both providers and users. 

It's a testament to the power of decentralisation to create user-empowered networks, heralding a new era of community-driven digital infrastructure’’said Hugo Feiler, Co-founder and CEO Minima.

Wicrypt will embed Minima nodes into WiFi routers which will then be able to grant network access to Minima users. By running Minima nodes on Wicrypt routers, each router will become an active node, thus decentralising and making the network's infrastructure more secure and resilient. Furthermore, it enables Wicrypt router users to actively participate in the Minima blockchain, supporting not only transaction processing but also contributing to the strength and distribution of the blockchain network.

The collaboration between Minima and Wicrypt enhances the functionality of both networks. Minima users can access Wicrypt's data network, and community members can buy and host Wicrypt hotspots. Additionally, Wicrypt users gain enhanced privacy with Minima's secure P2P messaging for instant communication.

Our mission has always been to democratise internet access and empower our users. Partnering with Minima extends this vision, bringing a new dimension of security, decentralisation, and community participation to our network.

This collaboration isn't just about providing internet access; it's about redefining the very infrastructure of online connectivity,” said Ugochukwu Aronu, CEO of Wicrypt. 

Historically, the deployment and management of physical infrastructure, such as broadband networks, have been dominated by large corporations, primarily because entering the industry requires significant capital investment. 

As a result, major companies have had a near-monopoly on pricing, conditions and services offered to end-users, leading to a lack of competition and innovation - that is until DePIN entered the picture. 

DePIN enables globally distributed individuals to collectively build, maintain and operate people-owned physical infrastructure networks without needing a single, centralised entity. The technology incentivises supply-side participants to build networks by leveraging crypto-economic protocols, offering end-users more cost-effective and innovative services than traditional models.

In this environment, Minima partners with Wicrypt to empower people worldwide to collaboratively construct, maintain, and operate community-owned broadband network, eliminating the need for a centralised entity. Their overarching objective is to establish a service that is more secure, efficient, and cost-effective compared to those offered by the major corporations and reward users for participating. 

About Minima

Minima, the real-world blockchain, is a layer1 focused on everyday solutions  through device led infrastructure. 

A unique Layer 1 blockchain, distinguished by its lightweight architecture that enables a full (constructing and validating) node to run on any mobile or IoT device, making it exceptionally adaptable for scaling decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN). Minima's technology is now supported by an expansive and engaged community of over 100,000+ node operators. Minima’s extensive network, one of the largest in the DePIN space, showcases its commitment to empowering users and developers to innovate and secure digital solutions in a decentralized world.

The blockchain is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network. Learn more at minima.global.

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About Wicrypt

Wicrypt is a smart WiFi network powered by its users, enabling them to earn while sharing their WiFi.

Users can share WiFi through Wicrypt routers or their mobile phones. This innovative platform not only provides users with more affordable internet data but also empowers them to generate income from sharing their WiFi. Learn more at Wicrypt.com.

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