Minima is a real-world blockchain infrastructure

Minima is more than a blockchain - it is the bridge between the problems of the real world and the solutions offered by web3.

It is a connected community of over 50,000 node users and developers that are empowered to solve real-world problems at scale without sacrificing decentralisation or security.

What is Minima?

Minima, the real-world blockchain, is a layer1 focused on everyday solutions through device-native infrastructure.

The only decentralised blockchain compact and lean enough to run on any IoT device & versatile enough to scale physical infrastructure networks. Minima’s technology is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network.

Who is Minima for?

Minima primarily caters to four groups, creating value for each in different ways:


Enterprises benefit from using Minima via our lightweight and versatile blockchain that naturally scales without increasing resource usage.


Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN): We run nodes on every connected device, enabling edge assets, data attestation & secure P2P messaging.


Developers benefit from comprehensive documentation and support materials, open source code and easy-to-create and use MiniDapps.


Individuals interested in decentralised and trustless payments can operate a Minima node and launch projects, tokenise real-world assets and validate their own transactions.

The Minima Team

Hugo Feiler - CEO

Hugo has 20+ years as a CEO and Managing Director within Marketing Communications for Tech, Automotive and Telecoms and will be speaking at blockchain events in 2024.

SpartacusRex - Chief Architect

Pseudonym of the coder who built Minima, a former Bitcoin Maximalist eager to solve the problem of distance between Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin users.

Richard Brown - Chief Business Officer

Richard has 20+ years of expertise in commercial and leadership roles within cloud, IoT, and Telecom enterprise software. He is focused on new partnerships, accelerating sales, and optimising operations in line with Minima's strategic goals.

Luke Edwards - Head of Communications

Facilitating communication for the developer community, Luke is also a Royal Air Force (RAFAC) Flight Lieutenant.

There are many more members of the continually-expanding Minima team, and a growing community of Minima node operators, developers and users.

The Minima Token

The 1-billion supply $MINIMA token acts as the medium of exchange and store of data & value on the Minima blockchain, empowering holders with utility benefits. $MINIMA is deflationary thanks to a burn mechanism built into transaction fees. Thanks for a burn mechanism to prioritise transactions when blocks are full.

Further to this, $MINIMA can be integrated into third-party apps and solutions, conveying all the benefits that come with it.

$MINIMA is due on exchanges in Q3 2024.

Our EVM-compatible token is $WMINIMA, a wrapped ERC20 token live on CEXs and DEXs. This token is fully collateralised, with each $WMINIMA being paired with a locked $MINIMA token. $WMINIMA represents 12.5% of the 1-billion fixed cap supply of $MINIMA.

Minima’s Vision, Mission & Values

Bringing the power of blockchain to the real-world.

We believe that technologies should be defined by the solutions they bring to society.

We exist to help people and their businesses use blockchain technology in solving everyday problems. 

Our mission is to achieve our vision through collaboration with our users, developers, and partners - providing true decentralisation and usability at scale.

The values that will help us achieve our mission are:

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