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Tokenized data for teams, organisers & fans, generated on vehicles in real-time.

blockchain for motorsports

In motorsport, everything is operating in a tightly managed ballet, to achieve maximum performance. Every microsecond counts and data needs to be trusted as win or lose decisions depend on it.

Getting real-time, immutable data is critical. We have achieved a world first, a full blockchain node embedded within a race vehicle, tokenising data and securing it as it is generated, before it is streamed in real-time for onward use.

Minima is the only blockchain technology capable of doing this directly on the car. We are enabling teams to get the attestable data they need, when it matters. With use cases for this data both on and off the track, for teams, organisers & fans, we are just getting started.


influx technology

Specialising in cutting-edge diagnostic and data acquisition tools, Influx delivers high-performance products designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern engineering.

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RACE LAB is a McLaren customer racing team, created by Lucky Khera and Lee Frost in 2021. The founders wanted to partner with a leading brand in the industry, therefore naturally leaned towards one of the UK's biggest and most precious brands in the automotive and motorsport industry - McLaren.

McLaren's core team provides unparalleled assistance to the racing teams. Their commitment to ensuring that each team receives top-notch support is evident in their expert guidance and personalised service.

They have had massive success over the last two years— having won races at the GT Cup, British GT, and McLaren Trophy, just to name a few.

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JMW Motorsport Ferrari

JMW Motorsport is a Ferarri customer team, founded in 2009 by Jim McWhirter. JMW Motorsport is a British team known for its participation in endurance racing, particularly in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The team prides itself on meticulous preparation and a strong commitment to excellence both on and off the track. Emphasising the importance of teamwork, JMW Motorsport focuses on building strong relationships between drivers, engineers, technology and support staff to achieve success.

The team has achieved significant success in the ELMS, including class victories and consistent podium finishes. The team has also earned notable results in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, including class wins.

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This is a real world application of Minima.

At Minima we are using the high pressure crucible of Motorsport to finesse technology that will filter down to road cars, where streaming of live immutable data can have use cases in road safety,  insurance, warranty, fleet management, and car-to-car communication for future autonomous vehicle applications.

Road Safety

Insurance & Warranty

Fleet Management

Car-To-Car Communication

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