A connected world

Minima is built to realise the promise of the Internet of Things.

What makes Minima right for IoT applications?


Minima’s protocol layers have been designed to handle large volumes of transactions per second.

Cheap to run

Installed via a simple app download, Minima costs no more to run than a regular messaging app.

Energy Efficient

Lightweight and requiring minimal resources, Minima will run in full on resource-constrained IoT devices.

Easy to use

A familiar mobile-native interface which interacts with existing IoT devices.

How can Minima be used?

Minima nodes have low resource requirements and are free to install, making them well-suited for the IoT space.

P2P transfers

Information can easily be shared between devices without the need for centralised servers.

Real time data transfer

Instantaneously transfer information over the network between peers.

Data security

Minima provides enhanced cyber security with end-to-end cryptographic encryption.

Scalable networks

Minima’s layered architecture infinitely scales without any burden to the network.

Data verfication

Each connected device has a unique node id which guarantees only verified data is processed.

Runs on any device

Minima is designed to be lightweight and requires minimal resources to run.

Where can it be used?

Overall, Minima's focus on scalability, low resource requirements, low cost, and ease of use make it well-suited for use in the IoT space.

Data certification

Access control

Industrial automation

Network access

Decentralised ID

Digital logbooks

Secure communication


Smart infrastructure

What makes Minima a secure infrastructure for IoT?


Utilise Minima to ensure that data from loT sensors cannot be falsified after it's created.

Sealed data

Seal IoT data with a private key that sits on an edge device.

Sealed and chained

Secure data packets with strong cryptography so it's technically impossible to manipulate.

Biodirectional sensors

Verify incoming packets for authenticity and integrity to protect against unauthorised commands.

Minima enterprise

Automotive applications

Download a Minima node on your device

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