July 4, 2022

Monthly Digest: June 2022

Monthly Digest: June 2022

GM Minimalists,

In June, the crypto markets continued bleeding, with the Three Arrow Capital fallout impacting many other crypto companies. Interestingly, the companies most negatively affected by all that turn out to be centralized, custodial service providers. DeFi liquidated millions in open positions without fail. Take note, CeFi lenders.

At Minima, we continued working on our new apk and closing partnerships. And we hit a new node count record with over 120,000 nodes.

Read on for an overview of our June.

Community Call

In the first week of June, we hosted our 6th community call. We spoke about market trends, our views on self-custody, and much more. A huge thanks to all the Minimalists who joined us and asked questions.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the call here.

Community member of the month: monthrie

During our call, we also announced our community member of the month, monthrie. He has used Bitcoin from the early days, but never for more than purchases. It wasn’t until recently that he became more interested in the utility and benefits blockchains can provide for the sector he is working in — renewable energy. What does he envision building on Minima? Read all about it here, and maybe even join him in his endeavor. 🙌

MobilityXLab partnership

We’re thrilled to be selected as one of 12 companies (from hundreds of applicants) to join the MobilityXLab program, where we will work with two industry partners on developing innovative blockchain-based mobility solutions.

“When each car is a fully sovereign, functional node on the network, communication between them becomes more secure and resilient which we believe to be crucial for any future that involves autonomous vehicles.”

— Hugo Feiler, CEO Minima

Find more about the program in this press release.

Beware of Imposters

Unfortunately, in June, we’ve become more aware of an increasing number of imposters posing as one of our team members to scam money.

Please note that our team will not ask you for funds; check if they are the real deal before interacting.

You can find all the discord handles of our team members in this blog post. And when in doubt, feel free to ask on any of our public channels! 👀

Stay safe!

Fintech SV Podcast

Jazmin, our Technical Communications Manager, was invited on the Fintech SV podcast to speak about Minima, and how it compares to Bitcoin Lightning.

She also speaks about her background and how she came to Minima. Listen to the episode here.

Contagion in TradFi & DeFi

The leading theme for the crypto markets was contagion this month. Why it doesn't always have to do with actual bankruptcy, and how it can still bring down solvent companies covered in our blog.

120,000 nodes

At the end of June, we hit a new node count record, with more than 120,000 active, full validating, and constructing nodes now running Minima.

And with our new apk in early testing, we are expecting growth to continue accelerating.

Minima in the Wild

While the Metaverse is nice, it’s important to also enjoy the Universe. For our latest ambassador task, we encouraged Minimalists to go outside and explore.

Here a few impressions.

Thanks for being part of our community!

Your Minima Team