February 19, 2024

Minima: The Real World Blockchain

Minima: The Real World Blockchain

Our mission has evolved: Minima has had an upgrade.

Visit our new website and understand our renewed focus and commitment to bringing the power of blockchain into the real-world.

Join us as we provide the building blocks for a web3-powered society.

We know that there’s work to do proving the value of blockchain for real-world solutions.

That’s why we created the only blockchain lean and compact enough to run in full on any mobile or IoT device.

Our solution-focused tech is built to realise DePIN’s global potential.

Minima offers ultimate security, endless versatility and global scalability.

Minima features potentially unlimited TPS - the only TPS that can power 2024's coming #DePIN demand.

We’re expanding by creating Minima-powered technology solutions in major industry verticals such as:

- Automotive

- Oil & Gas

- Logistics

- Data Analytics

- Cybersecurity

- Technology development

- And, of course, Web3.

We’re currently looking for projects to partner with in these areas, and invite all relevant parties to get in touch with us via the website.

Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks are going to place huge demand upon blockchains that weren’t built for servicing those demands: some might perform, some will falter.

Minima will succeed and lead the way as blockchain finally gains the recognition it deserves.

The only official Minima website is https://www.minima.global/

Check out our new look and let us know what you think in a comment.