Apply for a grant

Funding is available in the form of MINIMA tokens for building open-source, decentralised apps and developer tools that contribute to the Minima ecosystem.


In your project proposal, be sure to clarify how your project creates a public good for the Minima network, typically through furthering decentralisation, open sourcing code, or helping to secure the Minima network.

How to apply


Submit your project proposal to


Our team will review your proposal, aiming to reply with an initial decision within 2 weeks.


If successful, we will set up a call with you to discuss further. After the call, a final decision on your project’s suitability for a grant will be made and we will contact you via email.

When considering making an application it is important to understand that a grant is not a replacement for funding, but a reward for helping grow the Minima ecosystem.The size of the grant will depend on the complexity and scale of your project. Should your project be selected for a grant, we will inform you of its value before you commence work.

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