December 11, 2021

Minima Community Call, December 16th, 11.00 UTC

Minima Community Call, December 16th, 11.00 UTC

Dear Minimalists,

The festive season is upon us, and we’re excited to share that we’ll be hosting a community call to mark our Hard Fork and tremendous growth — which wouldn’t be possible without you.

On Thursday, December 16th at 11:00 UTC, we will be opening our discord stage to the community. Everyone is welcome to join us on-stage, be part of the discussion or bring forward any proposals.

We have a rough agenda and a few pre-selected topics that we will briefly cover to ensure that this call is a productive session. That does not mean that it is set in stone. If there are specific topics you would like us to include, feel free to let us know by commenting on this blog or under our tweet.


  • Warm welcome, quick introductions, and house rules
  • Minima Updates: Hard Fork & Importance of updating your node
  • Recent industry events: AWS outage — how can a DEX go down?!; Bitcoin Hashrate recovering — what does Hashrate even mean? & Debunking Decentralization — What to look for in projects
  • Open Floor — Join the conversation and ask our team questions, voice your ideas.
  • Closing

As we’ll be hosting in Discord, a few words on logistics, if you want to join our discussion, anytime from the 3rd agenda point we want your input — simply raise your hand — then we can get you with us on-stage.

If you want to ask a question or share some insights without coming on stage, please drop your comments in our #stage-questions, and we will pick them up.

We’re looking forward to hosting you on Thursday!

Your Minima Team