May 15, 2023

Introducing MiniFarm

MiniDapp Spotlight
Introducing MiniFarm

MiniFarm — the community-driven yield farming app — launches today! Access it here.

By harnessing the power of our community and providing attractive incentives, MiniFarm aims to build a deep and liquid UniSwap pool to benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

You can now earn a new source of yield on your WMINIMA by providing liquidity to the WMINIMA/USDT pool on UniSwap and then staking your LP token inside the MiniFarm MiniDapp, to earn more WMINIMA.

The additional WMINIMA is an added benefit provided by us. The offer will run for 90 days, distributing a total of 500,000 WMINIMA to those who participate. Rewards will be paid out with each Ethereum block. The amount you can earn is directly proportional to your share of the MiniFarm pool.

We aim to achieve 1 million WMINIMA staked in total, offering a 200% annual WMINIMA yield. However, the yield is dynamic and will be higher below 1 million staked and lower above. The earlier you participate, and the greater your share of the pool, the more you will earn.

Depending on the success of the program we will consider continuing the additional rewards beyond 90 days, at which point yields may be reduced. If you’ve never provided liquidity on Uniswap before, please do your own research to learn about the risks involved before getting started.

Below is a video tutorial on how to use MiniFarm, followed by answers to key questions. Please watch and read carefully and let us know on Discord if you get stuck.

Happy farming! 👨‍🌾 🌾

Video explainer


What is a liquidity provider on UniSwap?

  • Liquidity providers support the overall liquidity on UniSwap by providing liquidity for different assets, which then helps to facilitate trades on the platform
  • For more info read Uniswap’s documentation

Why should I provide WMINIMA & USDT liquidity on UniSwap?

  1. Earn trading fees: earn a share of the trading fees generated by the platform whenever someone trades WMINIMA & USDT on UniSwap
  1. Price exposure: be exposed to price movements, meaning that if the value of the tokens goes up, the value of your stake increases as well
  1. Passive income: as long as you maintain your liquidity position, you will earn trading fees without actively trading, providing a steady stream of income
  1. Access MiniFarm: once you have staked assets on UniSwap, you will be able to earn additional tokens by staking your position on MiniFarm

How do I provide WMINIMA & USDT liquidity on UniSwap?

  1. Obtain WMINIMA & USDT tokens: before you can participate in the Uniswap pool, you need to obtain WMINIMA & USDT tokens from an exchange, unless you already have some tokens in your wallet
  1. Navigate to the Uniswap pool: visit the WMINIMA pool on UniSwap’s website
  1. Connect your wallet: on the Uniswap website, connect your wallet by selecting the ‘Connect’ button in the top right corner of the page
  1. Add liquidity to the WMINIMA pool: select the "Add Liquidity" button and enter the amount of WMINIMA & USDT tokens you wish to stake
  1. Set your price range: your position will only be active when the price of WMINIMA & USDT falls within your specified price range, enter your price range and select the ‘Approve’ button to confirm
  1. Confirm the transaction: in your wallet, confirm the transaction to add your WMINIMA & USDT tokens to the pool

What is MiniFarm?

  • An app that rewards users with additional WMINIMA tokens for staking their Uniswap positions in a WMINIMA liquidity pool

Why should I stake my Uniswap position on MiniFarm?

  • Earn higher yields: not only will you earn the regular trading fees associated with your Uniswap position, but you will also earn additional WMINIMA

How do I stake my UniSwap position on MiniFarm?

  • Prerequisite*: before you can stake your UniSwap position in MiniFarm, you must first provide liquidity on UniSwap by following the instructions outlined in ‘How do I provide WMINIMA & USDT liquidity on UniSwap?’ above
  1. Open MiniFarm: open the MiniFarm website, you must access it using a desktop browser or via the browser built into the mobile MetaMask app
  2. Stake your position: select the “Stake” button to stake one of your Uniswap positions