January 18, 2024



In an industry where many Layer 1 blockchains claim full decentralisation but still retain varying degrees of control and authority, Minima, a revolutionary peer-to-peer network, has become the world's most decentralised blockchain in history. This significant achievement comes as the company transitioned to a network exclusively operated by nodes run by individual users on their phones. 

All centrally controlled nodes have been turned off, underlining Minima's unwavering commitment to decentralisation. “This pivotal day signified a major milestone in our journey, hence we call it: 'Decentraday',” said Luke Edwards, Head of Communications.  

Minima made a decisive move by shutting down all 24 servers - 16 network relay nodes and 8 archive nodes. The network now runs off the 25,000 to 50,000 nodes that users keep active at any given time. 

“This is a hugely significant milestone not just for Minima but for the blockchain industry as a whole.  Minima has achieved a level of decentralisation that has long been sought after within the industry. It is the only Layer 1 blockchain protocol in which every node constructs and validates the chain with no centralised or centralised infrastructure required,” said Hugo Feiler, Co-Founder and CEO of Minima.

The Minima community of over 84,000 members has warmly embraced the announcement. A member of the Discord community, Robin said: "Your commitment to decentralisation and innovation in the world of blockchain is truly inspiring." This positive reception reflects the community's appreciation for Minima's dedication to advancing decentralised principles in the blockchain space. 

“This update won’t affect the Minima protocol’s governance structure or operational model, as it has always been part of the plan for the protocol to be run by individuals running nodes. Every node on the network is equal and contributes to the construction and validation of the chain,” said CEO Hugo Feiler.

“Minima became a fully decentralised blockchain, something truly unique in the market. In doing so, they have set a new benchmark for network resilience - no other blockchain comes close,” said David Karney, Head of Digital Assets of Worldline.

About Minima

Minima is a blockchain and peer-to-peer network designed to empower freedom for all by providing equal opportunities for people to create, communicate, and collaborate. With a commitment to decentralisation, Minima operates as the world's most decentralised blockchain, allowing users to exchange value and information directly and securely without third-party interference. The Minima blockchain is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network. Learn more at minima.global.

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About Worldline

Worldline is a global pioneer in payments, offering cutting-edge payment technology to customers. They aim to design and operate top-tier digital payment and transactional solutions, fostering sustainable economic growth while strengthening trust and security in societies. They are also a partner of Minima. 

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