November 5, 2022

Community Member of the Month: Veronika

Community Member of the Month: Veronika

Community Member of the Month is back, and this time we are looking at who was selected for September!

Our long overdue winner is… @nika_polar, known outside of the realms of Discord as Veronika. Chosen for her contribution as a Youtuber, she created a video about Minima and is an active member of our group. Check it out here:

Minima’s success hinges on the strength of our community, which allows us to be decentralized and well-supported.

Here is an interview I had with Veronika to discuss her passion for web3 (and it is especially exciting to have more women enter the space)! Read on to find out more:

Please note that this is an edited transcription of what was discussed on our call.

It’s so exciting to see another woman in web3, and also great to see your video about Minima. Could you please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what your interests are?

Firstly, thank you for the compliment. And I'm also quite glad to see another woman in the space. My name is Veronika, and I’m 20. I'm originally born in Russia, but I've been traveling and living in different countries since I was 16. Right now, I'm located in Amsterdam, and I have a YouTube channel about groups of blockchain projects that make me curious. Because of this, I do a lot of research into crypto (I'm also a bit of a nerd). That's basically how I found out about Minima. I'm a student of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the moment. I also have an alter ego on Saturdays: I am a babysitter for a bunch of three year olds. I don't know if I could do that! Something interesting about me is that I have many diverse interests: from hockey to ballet (for five years), and playing the piano and the guitar. I also did martial arts and hockey for a few months!

Have you previously been involved in crypto and blockchain? Or was this your first experience?

I am not really hands-on with blockchain - I prefer researching general information about crypto instead. And having started my YouTube channel, I properly started my research journey. I looked up Minima and found one of its videos as part of my research. I made my 29th Youtube video about Minima and I have loved learning about it. I’m super excited for when Minima releases an iPhone / iOS version (which I know is currently on the roadmap) so that I can run a Minima node on my iPhone.

Minima has been a part of my learning journey, and I love the community that it has built up.

If you could do anything with Minima, what would it be?

I was thinking that since I am into YouTube and creating videos, and it’s one of the key interaction points that many people have with the web, it's quite big. I reckon it would be useful to build a decentralized version of YouTube - maybe with some incentives for people who are building good stuff, and posting good material. The ability to just have your content published and not have it censored in any kind of way is incredible. I probably wouldn’t build it myself, but I’m sure there are people who would be able to build it haha! I am excited to see Minima be a bridge into crypto for people who haven't heard of it before. It is geared to be such a good transition point.

Congratulations again to Veronika, and a huge thanks. You can find her on our Discord Server (@nika_polar) if you want to catch up with her, or you can check out last week’s October community call to hear her speak!