July 19, 2022

Community Member of the Month: Mamont

Community Member of the Month: Mamont

Dear Minimalists,

Our community is one of the most crucial building blocks making Minima successful and decentralized. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us. We highlight one community member who stood out in the last month.

For June, we picked Mamont, who has been very active on our Discord server and helped many new Minimalists get set up with their node and Incentive Program account.

Congratulations to Mamont for being our community member of the month, and a huge thanks for helping us grow Minima.

During our latest community call, Mamont joined us on stage to share more about his experience with Minima and crypto more broadly. You can listen to the recording of the session here. Read on for what he had to say.

Please note that all his answers were translated from Ukrainian to English during our call.

Could you quickly introduce yourself and tell us how you found out about Minima?

Mamont: Hi everyone, I am happy to be here. I’m Dmitry from Ukraine, living in Odesa. I believe that many community members from the CIS countries already know me. At the end of 2021, I learned about a new term, the term ‘node.’ In January 2022, I decided to run my first node and went for the lightest and easiest one, which turned out to be Minima. After a while, I learned more about the project and really liked how the team approached the topic of decentralization. I believe it’s one of the most promising projects at the moment. In April, I joined the ambassador program, and here I am.

Have you previously been involved in the crypto and blockchain space, or was this your first experience?

Mamont:I have good experience working in the financial markets. I started trading in 2019. In 2020 I actively traded in the stock markets and continued learning about financial markets. In 2021 I even worked as a financial expert for investments in the stock market. And thanks to a friend, I smoothly switched to trading crypto this year. About blockchain, I had my first real hands-on experience with Minima.“

If you could build anything or do anything with Minima, what would it be?

Mamont: “That’s a difficult question because I am not a developer and not familiar with technical issues, but it seems to me that a good use case would be implementing voting processes on the blockchain. Imagine how cool it would be if any user could use their smartphone to vote on global issues. For example, we could use Minima as an independent intermediary, and we could trust the voting outcome. Of course, you’d have to fight against multi-accounts, but I’d enjoy participating in such voting processes.

Congratulations again to Mamont, and a huge thanks. You can find Mamont on our Discord Server if you want to catch up with him.