November 2, 2022

Community Member of the Month: Ivan

Community Member of the Month: Ivan

Dear Minimalists!


But before we get back into it on a monthly basis, let’s take a look at previous Community Members of the Month, beginning with July. With a member base of over 68,000 on Discord, being selected as the member of the month is no small feat. I cannot stress how much we appreciate the community’s support in helping us to grow Minima.

July saw Ivan (@fess2005 on the Minima Discord server) as the Community Member of the Month. A huge congratulations to him for being chosen, and thank you for your involvement in our community.

Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview I conducted with him:

Please note that this is an edited transcription of what was discussed on our call.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what your interests are?

My name is Ivan and I am originally from Russia. I work in digital support and have been incredibly busy lately, but I do like what I do - I’m sort of like an IT administrator at a company. Outside of work and crypto, I like to play sports. Running, boxing, you name it! I’m also a family man with three kids, so I struggle to find the time to exercise and get out and about more than once a week - but that’s something I would love to be able to do. Something else about me is that I like learning English. In school, I learned German, and I’ve just started to learn English five years ago! Also, I’m wanting to be like a programmer or work in DevOps in the future, so I have enjoyed spending a lot of time working on the Minima Innovation project as a developer in Team UDPOI.

What brought you to Minima?

I’d like to talk about my experience in crypto. I started as my good friend sent me information about Minima and other projects. It was early spring 2022 for me and before I knew it, I was hooked - I set up my node and engaged in the community. I heard about the AMA and enjoyed hearing about Minima. I was really impressed by what I heard about the project, and the prospects of Minima. I was informed that due to my activity in the Discord server and participation, I was chosen as a tester. There was a maximum of about 20 people in my position who were testing that particular application, and I found it really cool. Next, the Minima Innovation Challenge started, and I was invited to join a team. Honestly, it was just such an awesome experience for me to be a programmer involved in this project, and to be involved in development. I also enjoyed learning about decentralised advertising. There were about 10 ideas we wanted to introduce, but we chose to only add two of them. We performed really well as a team!

If you could do anything with Minima, what would it be?

I’m already working on the decentralized advertising with Josua, and that is something with a bright future in my opinion. That being said I have many ideas. So many that I feel like I’ve forgotten some. From what I see now, the main thing is that we try to involve as many people as we can, and I hope that one day every person who has a smartphone is running a Minima node. I’m looking forward to future updates of the Minima platform where it’ll be more visual perhaps. I’m excited by the way it will help users to understand how transactions work, and how Minima works at a fundamental level. I’m also keen to see more members involved in Minima, particularly through the Ambassador program, which would reward members of the community for their participation by allowing them to rise through the ranks.

My advice to anyone looking into Minima is to think not just about the monetary profit that they may stand to gain, but to think of the value that Minima brings as a blockchain. Try to understand why it exists and the potential it has to shape the future!

Congratulations again to Ivan, and a huge thanks. You can find Ivan on our Discord Server (@fess2005) if you want to catch up with him or you can check out last week’s October community call to hear him speak!