July 3, 2024

Minima v1.0.41 Released

Major Release
Minima v1.0.41 Released

It’s been a while since our last release but in that time we have been watching, listening and learning.

We have taken this knowledge and your feedback on board, channelling them into this exciting new release. You will find major new features to Minima itself, 4 brand new MiniDapps & quality of life updates to 8 other legacy MiniDapps.

Before we dive into this release, please remember that as a user of the MiniDapps we provide, you are responsible for how you choose to use them, including acting in accordance with your local laws and regulations - please see the Terms of Use in the MiniHub Settings for details.

That said, let’s jump straight into it:

New major Minima features

- NEW Mega nodes

Mega nodes are an alternative to archive nodes that keep track of all the unspent coins on chain. This enables several use cases including:

- QuickSync: Users can now restore or resync their node in seconds using QuickSync (the IP of a Mega node is required), hugely reducing the data and time required to catch up to the tip of the chain

- Public wallet: create your own public-facing wallet for friends and family, accessible from any web browser, anywhere in the world, at any time.

New MiniDapps

ETH Wallet

ETH Wallet

ETH Wallet is an alternative to Metamask that has the following functionality:

    - send, receive and hold ETH, USDT, WMINIMA and any other ERC-20 tokens

    - swap USDT for WMINIMA and vice versa using the UniSwap pool

This minidapp is interesting as it demonstrates how versatile minidapps are - this dapp accesses the Ethereum network and Ethereum smart contracts (UniSwap) and does not use the Minima blockchain 

MiniSwap v2

MiniSwap v2 Order Book
MiniSwap v2 OTC

MiniSwap v2 lets you trade cross-chain from native Minima on the Minima blockchain for wMinima or USDT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Trades can be done OTC (over the counter) if the user already knows a counterparty or by using the order book if they don’t.

Users can provide liquidity by funding their MiniSwap wallet and setting the price they are willing to buy/sell native Minima for WMINIMA or USDT. 

You can also swap your WMINIMA for NMINIMA here 1:1 at any time

The Safe

The Safe

The Safe is a new MiniDapp that enables you to send the majority of your Minima coins or custom tokens to a Safe, locked with a separate seed phrase.

This allows you to keep your node unlocked with a small amount of Minima for daily transactions and to send the remainder to a safe.

- Send the majority of your funds to a separate seed phrase

- When resyncing your original seed phrase, all your safes will be retrieved and remain locked.

- If your original seed phrase is compromised, your Safes are not compromised and can be restored safely.

ShoutOut (Proof of Concept)

Shoutout is a social forum for threaded, categorised discussions. 

Posts reach all Minima users by sending the message within a transaction over the blockchain. For spam prevention there is a cost of 0.01 native Minima for each post. 

Although messages are sent in a transaction, they are only stored on chain for 24 hours and then discarded after which the messages will only be stored on the user’s device. 

Users will start to receive posts once they have installed the app and are able to create new discussion categories or hide categories they don’t wish to see.

Updated MiniDapps

MiniHub (0.18.3)

- New welcome tutorial

- Icon support

- Folder layout (categorised minidapps)

- Terms of use added

Wallet (2.44.0)

- History: New transaction download options

- Transaction messages are now encoded

Chatter (1.10.4)

- Fix overflowing of username on reply, user's posts & normal display

- Fix copy on empty feed

- Added Icon Support

- Clicking your profile in the home page header will now open MaxContacts on your profile page

- Design tweaks on the feed message wrappers

Security (1.9.3)

- New QuickSync method using Mega nodes

- Resync in a few seconds

MaxContacts (1.14.0)

- Added Profile icon support - 50kb max size (Supports .png,.jpeg,.jpg,.svg,.xml,.gif)

- Add QR Code to profiles

Docs (1.5.0)

- New miniDapp tutorials

Future Cash (2.6.2)

- bug fixes

MaxSolo (2.7.2)

- bug fixes

Doc Updates

Run a node - How to run a Mega node: https://docs.minima.global/docs/runanode/meganode

Run a node - How to host a public wallet: https://docs.minima.global/docs/runanode/publicwallet

Run a node - Improved guidance for VPS users: https://docs.minima.global/docs/runanode/selectplatform/linuxvpsservice

User Guides - Updated node recovery options for QuickSync: https://docs.minima.global/docs/userguides/recovery/recoveryoptions

Build MiniDapps - How to use Service.js: https://docs.minima.global/docs/buildonminima/dapps/servicejs

Full release notes can be found here: https://github.com/minima-global/Minima/releases/tag/v1.0.41