July 9, 2024

Minima Partners with Sfero to Revolutionize Retail Payments

Minima Partners with Sfero to Revolutionize Retail Payments

Date: 9th July 2024, London – Minima is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sfero, a cutting-edge payment solution gateway. Sfero is transforming the payment experience with biometric payment solutions on POS terminals and its innovative platform allows users to send, receive and pay secure crypto payments.

This partnership represents a significant advancement in integrating blockchain technology with payment systems. By embedding Minima nodes into Sfero's devices, this collaboration aims to drive innovation within the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) ecosystem, benefiting the entire community.

Through this collaboration, Minima will leverage its unique blockchain capabilities, including the ability to run a full node on any device, to bring unparalleled security, efficiency and scalability to the retail payment sector. The integration with Sfero opens new opportunities for innovative biometric payment solutions, setting the stage for a more secure and decentralized future.

"Partnering with Sfero is a big step for Minima, showcasing our commitment to decentralizing payment solutions and enhancing security. Together, we aim to disrupt the payment industry, bringing groundbreaking advancements to the DePIN ecosystem." Hugo Feiler, Minima CEO.

About Minima

Minima, the real-world blockchain, is a layer1 focused on everyday solutions through device-led infrastructure. 

A unique Layer 1 blockchain, distinguished by its lean and compact architecture that enables a full (constructing and validating) node to run on any mobile or IoT device, making it exceptionally adaptable for scaling decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePIN). Minima's technology is now supported by an expansive and engaged community of over 50,000+ node operators. Minima’s extensive network, one of the largest in the DePIN space, showcases its commitment to empowering users and developers to innovate and secure digital solutions in a decentralised world.

The blockchain is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network. Learn more at www.minima.global .

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About Sfero

Sfero is revolutionizing the payment infrastructure with seamless, innovative solutions designed to enhance the payment experience for both businesses and consumers. The comprehensive platform allows users to send, receive and pay secure crypto payments.

Key features of Sfero include seamless Telegram integration, enabling users to accept crypto payments through Telegram Mini Apps in the initial stage and expanding to physical POS terminals in later stages. Sfero also offers biometric payments, allowing users to pay with their palm, enhancing both security and ease of use. Additionally, Sfero encourages user engagement through referral programs and loyalty schemes, including sign-up bonuses, transaction discounts and promotional campaigns.

Driven by a visionary team, Sfero is setting new standards in payment technology. Discover more about how Sfero is transforming the payment landscape at www.sfero.io.

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