June 12, 2024

Minima, L1 blockchain, powers the world’s first on-chain race data logger for McLaren GT4 supercar at Spa

Minima, L1 blockchain, powers the world’s first on-chain race data logger for McLaren GT4 supercar at Spa

Minima has partnered with data acquisition platform Influx to provide integrated data capture for the world’s most prestigious race teams

12 June at 2 pm BST, London: Minima, a fully decentralised and device-agnostic L1 blockchain for DePIN projects is working with data platform Influx Technology to integrate a blockchain-powered data tracker into a McLaren GT4 supercar ahead of the world-famous Spa-Francorchamps in June. The data, acquired directly from the engine by the ‘DePIN Data Logger’, is secured by Minima’s blockchain which provides immutable data provenance. This unseen approach promises to elevate data capture and analysis to unprecedented levels for the world’s most prestigious racing teams.

Data points on over twenty parameters including vehicle ignition timing, braking, oil pressure, engine temperature, steering angle and rotation, as well as gear switching, are collected by the ‘DePIN Data Logger’ in real time. For instance, during a recent race test in the UK, engineers from the team discovered that one of the car's wheels was turning 1/50th of a second slower than the others. Although this discrepancy might seem insignificant at first glance, it becomes vital throughout the course of a race when split seconds dictate the difference between winning and losing.

“This integration of blockchain technology into the data collection and transmission process is a revolution for motorsport. It goes beyond merely transferring data from a logger to a screen; it enables fans and officials to access relevant information in real time. Minima’s innovative capability to validate data as it is generated by the car ensures that teams receive reliable data precisely when needed, allowing for those critical split-second decisions from the pit wall,” said Oliver Plucknett, Race Lab team manager.“ The ability to streamline all available data collected over a race enhances decision-making processes and overall performance.”

Minima's innovative blockchain design secures the hash of the data, proving its history and integrity, while the actual data is stored on the device or in cloud storage, independent of validators' permissions. Due to the low requirements to validate the data on the blockchain, any IoT device can operate a full node and collect its data. This allows data to be verified by other nodes on the network while being stored on the device itself. 

“We believe that the full potential of blockchain has yet to be realised. To achieve mainstream adoption, it must provide real-world utility and seamless integration. We are collaborating with Influx to resolve a real challenge faced by the automotive industry. Running on the edge in the strictest automotive embedded environment, Minima ensures data is secured, maintaining audibility, trustworthiness, and compliance. This partnership sets a new standard in race data logging, combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with the prestige and precision of McLaren's racing heritage in their GT4 supercar,” said Hugo Feiler, co-founder and CEO of Minima.  

As Mr Plucknett mentions, collecting data on an immutable ledger enables officials to ensure the cars comply with the competition rules. A major challenge in the industry is ensuring that cars observe the competition's capping requirements. The regulatory body of SRO Motorsports Group competitions mandates that teams cap the performance of competing cars to maintain fairness. Since the factory settings of each vehicle vary, this regulation aims to level the playing field and ensure a fair race.

A common practice is to detune cars for testing laps and enhance their capabilities afterwards. However, this process is resource-intensive and typically only feasible for well-established teams. Integrating Minima’s node in the data acquisition devices of Influx will guarantee the integrity and transparency needed to verify competition compliance. It will revolutionise the industry and ensure the competitions are based solely on the drivers' skills, not the engineers' nimbleness. 

“The unique aspect of using blockchain is ensuring that data can be collected and transmitted to the cloud without any risk of tampering or modification. Achieving this in a secure, anonymous, and immutable way has always been a challenge. We are partnering with Minima to ensure that every device is submitting the data we collect on the blockchain, and it’s permanently stored there,” said Lance Keen, CEO of Influx.

About Minima

Minima, the real-world blockchain, is a layer1 focused on everyday solutions through device-led infrastructure. 

A unique Layer 1 blockchain, distinguished by its lightweight architecture that enables a full (constructing and validating) node to run on any mobile or IoT device, making it exceptionally adaptable for scaling Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). Minima's technology is now supported by an expansive and engaged community of over 50,000+ node operators. Minima’s extensive network, one of the largest in the DePIN space, showcases its commitment to empowering users and developers to innovate and secure digital solutions in a decentralised world.

The blockchain is compact, quantum-resistant, and secured by every single user on the network. Learn more at minima.global.

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RACE LAB is a McLaren customer racing team, created by Lucky Khera and Lee Frost in 2021. The founders wanted to partner with a leading brand in the industry, therefore naturally leaned towards one of the UK's biggest and most precious brands in the automotive and motorsport industry - McLaren. 

McLaren's core team provides unparalleled assistance to the racing teams. Their commitment to ensuring that each team receives top-notch support is evident in their expert guidance and personalised service.

We have had massive success over the last two years—we have won races at the GT Cup, British GT, and McLaren Trophy, just to name a few. We will be forever grateful to our drivers Callum Davies and Sai Sanjay, as well as sponsors NAVOS and Fundment, for all the support, dedication, and perseverance!

About Influx Technology

Influx Technology is a leading innovator in the field of advanced automotive and industrial solutions. Specialising in cutting-edge diagnostic and data acquisition tools, Influx delivers high-performance products designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern engineering.

 With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Influx empowers clients to achieve precision and efficiency in their operations, driving progress and success across various industries.