November 3, 2022

Community Member of the Month: Max

Community Member of the Month: Max

Dear Minimalists!

Here we celebrate community members who’ve left a mark because, hey, a shoutout is always in order! You’ve hopefully seen July’s one and will soon see the September and October ones, but for now… let’s look at who took the throne in August.

August saw Max (@just.dorash on the Minima Discord server) as the Community Member of the Month. A huge congratulations to him for being chosen, and thank you for your involvement in our community.

Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview I conducted with him:

Please note that this is an edited transcription of what was discussed on our call.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what your interests are?

Hi! I’m Max Dorash, a Solidity developer from Ukraine, with a passion for Minima and all things crypto. I am working on a start-up that tracks offline activity, and I am hugely excited by the Minima project. In my spare time, you’ll find me playing the guitar or piano (woohoo, isn’t our community talented?!), or going for a run - but I hate the gym. I also love tattoos, and have a number of tribal-themed pieces. I am excited by all things technical, and spend a lot of time coding away at my computer!

What brought you to Minima?

I have previously run nodes, but haven’t seen anything that is lightweight, fast, and powerful, like Minima. I have been involved in crypto for 3+ years and have recently been looking to set up nodes and work with testnets. I particularly love how lightweight the Minima blockchain is in comparison to other blockchains, and I think it has a very bright future - one that I am keen to be a part of!

If you could do anything with Minima, what would it be?

I am excited by what Minima has been working on and, in particular, I am keen to explore how it can further work within the offline activity monitoring space. Like I said, I do truly believe that Minima is a lightweight, reliable blockchain, and I am excited by its applications in the future. I want to see what others create, and I enjoy seeing the possibilities that can be hosted on a blockchain like Minima.

Congratulations again to Max, and a huge thanks. You can find Max on our Discord Server (@just.dorash) if you want to catch up with him or you can check out last week’s October community call to hear him speak!