May 9, 2022

Community Member of the month: Kit

Community Member of the month: Kit

Dear Minimalists,

Without our active community members, Minima wouldn’t be able to become truly decentralized. Every month we highlight one community member for their outstanding contributions to our cause.

During the last few weeks, we had several Minimalists independently reach out to tell us about Kit, who helped them get set up and answer all their questions.

Congratulations to Kit for being our community member of the month, and a huge thanks for all you’re doing to grow Minima and the importance of decentralization.

Unfortunately, Kit could not speak during our latest community call due to connectivity issues. However, we still got a few answers from him on how he found out about Minima and why he loves to be part of our community. During the next community call, we will make sure that you will get to hear from him. 🙌

Could you quickly introduce yourself and tell us how you found out about Minima?

Kit:Hi everyone, it's an honor to be here. My name is Kit, and I am from Kazakhstan. I learned about the Minima project from my brother. He sent me a link to the discord server and told me that it looked like an interesting project. So I went to the server, found the whitepaper, read it, and got fascinated. That’s why I am here and ready to help the project development in the future 🙂. I’d even work on building something with them to achieve this goal. 😅”

Have you previously been involved in the crypto and blockchain space? Could you share more about your journey?

Kit: “I first learned about cryptocurrency and blockchain back in 2017, then I started to study it. But during that period, I also happened to graduate from university and started working. Consequently, I had less time to dedicate to cryptocurrencies. Recently, I started learning about nodes and digging into them. Since I used to work with Linux, I had no issues setting them up, and it’s become a hobby for me that I devote a lot of time to.”

If you could build anything or do anything with Minima, what would it be?

Kit: “If we are talking about decentralization, a lightweight blockchain, I would probably implement it in the format of a social network where you can communicate and share data. It would be cool to tie all other applications into this social network, even the games discussed during the last AMA. I am also ready to work on something together with the team because now I devote a lot of time to this project, helping others. “

Congratulations again to Kit, and a huge thanks. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can work on together. You can find Kit in our Discord Server as 9K1T.

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