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The Incentive Program is designed to reward you for running a Minima node. Register now to earn 1 Minima Reward each day your node is connected to the network.

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In order to run a node, you will need an Android, PC, Mac, or Linux - the iPhone/iOS version is on our future roadmap.
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Running a node has never been easier

Earn 1 Minima Reward every day your node is online

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The first 1 million node blockchain

Our ambition is to reach Mainnet with 1 Million nodes – this is the minimum for what we would class as a secure, scalable and decentralized network.

Milestone 1 - q1 22


Larger than Ethereum’s full node count.

Milestone 2 - Q2 22


6x larger than Bitcoin’s full node count.

Milestone 3 - Q3 22

1 Million

The world’s most secure, scalable and decentralized blockchain.


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Run a complete node on your Android mobile, PC, Mac or Linux computer.
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