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A cooperative network that enables everyone to freely connect and prosper.

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Total prize pool of USD $40,000 in Minima Tokens to be won.

13.07.22 – 30.08.22

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Why use Minima?

Access information anywhere, without boundaries
Exchange value with anyone, without intermediaries
Communicate with everyone, without restrictions

Freedom was the promise of blockchain

Learn how Minima fulfils that promise.

Over 300,000 nodes are validating and constructing the Minima network

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A fully distributed network with no single point of failure

The world’s first completely decentralized blockchain

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The only blockchain controlled entirely by users

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The only blockchain to run in full on a mobile phone

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Minima members are running nodes in over 183 Countries

One protocol
Four layers

The Minima protocol consists of four distinct layers.

Minima Protocol MiniDapps Layer
Omnia layer
Minima Protocol Maxima Layer
Minima Protocol Minima Layer
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Meet our friends and collaborators

Minima’s VCs have been carefully selected based on their philosophies, and the expertise they can bring to the network. All of our investors are interested in what can be achieved with a truly decentralized network.

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